Necklace lengths

Wondering how your necklace will sit?  Look at the photograph below for an idea of where your necklace will fall.

If you're buying a necklace as a gift, its always safer to choose the 18 inch version, as sometimes the 16 inch length sits too tight on some women.


Ring Sizing 

WINK rings basically fit into three sizes: small, medium, or large.

These sizes translate to the following measurements:

Size 6 (USA) = Size L (UK) = Size 52 (Europe) = 16mm (inner diameter)
Size 7 (USA) = Size N (UK) = Size 54 (Europe) = 17mm (inner diameter)
Size 8 (USA) = Size P (UK) = Size 57 (Europe) = 18mm (inner diameter)

If you don't know what ring size you are, the best way to find out is to find a ring that you already have, that fits the finger you want to wear your new ring on, and measure the INNER diameter (from one side to the other) of the ring with a ruler or a tape measure.  If you want to be more accurate, place the ring flat on a piece of paper and trace a circle around the inside of the ring (making sure to use a sharp point to get right to the edge) and measure the length from one side to the other.  

Remember, if you make a mistake, you can always exchange it!


Crystal and gemstone meanings

Calm, Balance, Patience and Peace.

  • An all purpose stone that can increase spirituality and enhance intuition and psychic powers of all kinds.
  • Increases emotional stability and inner strength.
  • Promotes connection to your spirituality and intuition.

Truth, Honour, Communication, Integrity, Hope and Trust.

  • Enhances intuition, psychic powers, creativity and intellect.
  • Thought to lessen stress and self-defeating behaviors by calming and building self-esteem.


Protection, Strength, Harmony, Courage

  • Agate enhances creativity and strengthens the intellect, making it a beneficial stone for both students and artists.
  • It is also known as a protective stone and is thought to ease anxiety and stress.


Black Onyx
Self control, decision making, intuition

  • Black Onyx assists with challenges in life, especially those caused by a drain of energy.


Revitalising, Cleansing

  • Citrine is an energizing stone that provides happiness, courage, hope and warmth.
  • It is said to enhance self esteem, self expression and creativity.


Clear Quartz
Master Healer, Clarity, Awareness

  • Clear Quartz works on all areas of the mind and body, awakening, amplifying and transmitting energy and clarifying thought processes. It is an excellent stone for meditation, directing energies with more intensity.
  • It connects to the higher self, removes negativity and brings clarity and purpose to one’s mind.


Focus, Protection

  • Fluorite promotes focus, intuition and understanding. It helps to bring chaos into order, promoting stability and free thinking.
  • Draws away negative energy and stress, cleansing and purifying the body.


Grounding, Calming, Awareness.

  • Howlite can prepare the user or wearer to receive wisdom and attunement from the Higher Self and the Divine.


Calming, Protection

  • Encourages creativity and promotes healing.


Intuition, Spiritual Connection, Protection

  • Labradorite is a protective stone that helps to increase energy and clarify thought processes.
  • Stimulates intuition.


Willpower, Protection

  • Wards off negative energy and physical danger and stimulates the intellect.
  • Also helps to relieve anxiety and frustration.


Rose Quartz

  • Rose Quartz is the stone for every type of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, romantic love and unconditional love.
  • Rose quartz is used to raise self-esteem and a strong sense of self worth.


Nobility, Purity, Passion.

  • Ruby is a powerful manifestation stone, said to assist in decreasing anxiety and doubt.


Master healer, Communication, Self expression

  • Turquoise is sacred to both Native American and oriental traditions. It is associated with the sky and bringing sky energy to earth.
  • It promotes honest and clear communication from the heart and is a powerful crystal for relieving stress.