How To: Leather

We're all about leather - especially faux leather - so we've put together a mood board below of our favourite leather looks, coming into Summer.  

Keep it Simple 

Remember, keep it chic and simple by pairing your leather with something that compliments the piece, such as a simple graphic t-shirt with a leather mini, or a chiffon blouse with a high waisted leather pencil skirt.  

Invest in a Great Quality Signature Piece

A leather jacket will never no out of style, so if you're going to invest big dollars into a single piece, start with a jacket.  When buying a leather jacket, make sure you it fits you properly!  It needs to feel slightly snug at the time of purchase, as similar to leather shoes, the leather will stretch and mould to your body after a few wears.


Finish off the look with some dainty necklaces or some simple studs. Steer clear of chunky statement pieces, to avoid looking overdone, unless you're wearing your leather on the bottom with a simple top!

There Are No Rules

Remember, there are no rules!  Make the look your own, by adding your signature bag, or some bright coloured heels, and finish off your outfit with a cute puppy, Olivia Palermo style!


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How to wear: Bar stud earrings

There are some trends we can’t pass by and bar stud earrings is one of them. Move over midi-rings there is a new pack leader in the accessories game. We’ve seen the bar trend in necklaces (if you haven’t already invested in a bar necklace, you should!) and bar stud earrings have a similar simplistic edge. To help you embrace bar stud earrings we’re sharing some of our tips on how to wear them.

1. Change up how they’re worn

The bar style can be worn up your ear or hanging down, don’t be afraid to try out how they look both vertically and horizontally. Bar studs are all about restraint, they’re modern chic without being elaborate so it doesn’t matter which way you choose to adorn your ears with this must-have piece, they’ll add some extra style to your outfit.

In the mood to go punk-rock chic? Sweep your hair to one side and wear only one earring, using the bar stud to add balance. This asymmetric look is a breath of fresh air.


2. Pair them with other earrings

While bar stud earrings make a stunning solo act they also share well with others. So why not get creative and mismatch one bar stud with a delicate square stud or be extra daring and match them with cross earrings.

If you have more than one hole in your ears these versatile beauties can be accompanied by some of your other favourite studs. When mixing and matching earrings we recommend choosing similar metals.

3. Rock them with any outfit

Bar stud earrings are made for the understated lady. A statement piece they’re not, and that’s their appeal. Due to their minimalistic and delicate look they can be styled with whatever outfit you’re wearing, for any occasion. So don’t be afraid of donning your bar stud earrings for a night out on the town, with office attire, or with your go-to blue denim and striped tee.

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How to Wear Rose Gold Jewellery

Rose gold is a metal that flatters most skin tones and it’s definitely on trend right now. We’ve noticed it popping up on the runways and red carpets; there’s no doubt rose gold is in vogue and the jewellery tone of the moment.

So, we’ve rounded up some of our tips and tricks on how to wear ever-popular rose gold jewellery.

1.    Mix up your metals

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Who says you can only wear gold or silver jewellery on its own? You don't have to be committed to one kind of metal.

Mix your rose gold jewellery with silver and your other gold toned pieces. Have fun by stacking rose gold rings with silver and gold or layering rose gold necklaces with necklaces made of other metals. Rose gold is a great tone to help bridge the gap between your silver and gold pieces.

When mixing rose gold with yellow gold mix rose gold rings and necklaces with golds of a darker hue. This will make sure that your rose gold pieces stand out and don’t get lost among the yellow golds.

If you’re combining rose gold with silver jewellery make sure your rose gold is the piece to look at by mixing it with softer antique silvers.

2.    Wear it with nudes

There is no better match for your rose gold rings and necklaces than clothing and other accessories in all shades of nude.

Think beiges, dusty pinks, and blushed hues to make the rosiness of your jewellery play centre stage. These muted tones combine perfectly with rose gold jewels and create a fashion-forward look.

3.    Pair it with turquoise jewellery

Rose gold looks especially vibrant paired with turquoise tones. Since rose gold is pink in colour, turquoise tones look a dream when matched with rose gold tones.

So choose a beautiful turquoise crystal necklace to pair with rose gold earrings or rings, the earthy hues of turquoise crystals will offset the pink in the rose gold jewels perfectly.

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Paired back Accessorising: How to Master Minimalism


Whether she’s at the office or channeling a casual normcore vibe for coffee, there’s often that one refined friend who embodies Coco Chanel’s principle of paired back styling. We know that it can look so effortless but sometimes feel unattainable. There are two key factors –a neutral capsule wardrobe and thoughtfully chosen sets of dainty, timeless jewellery pieces in silver, gold and rose gold. Have a peek at how to wear a full body of jewellery with minimalist prowess below.

In the Necklace Department

A single, simple necklace is the foundation of a minimalist jewellery look. If you’re looking to avoid the bells and whistles of statement necklaces for day-to-day styling, go with a piece that is understated, timeless but perhaps a little different –like a wishbone! Bear in mind where it will sit on you and if this will mean it is a bare skin necklace for summer or ideal for layering over a textured knit in winter.

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In the Earring Department

We know what you’re –thinking, it’s not difficult to wear a single pair of earrings. The key is combining choice with pairing (for those with multiple piercings).  While petite, geometric shapes –particularly in matte shades, worn with simple diamond studs can achieve the minimalist look, more decorative, ‘feature’ or heavy studs usually won't.

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In the Ring Department

Dainty is the way to go to ensure minimal hand décor. To avoid verging on plain –try to mix textured bands with rings that have a simple shape feature like the mini triangle above. Wearing multiple metals can create a gorgeous effect if you’ve consciously collective pieces that pair nicely. Think quality and investment pieces when you look for rings –even if it’s just a simple silver band.

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In the Bracelet Department

It’s also easy to get stack happy on the bracelet front for better or worse. If you’ve got a range of pieces –perhaps 3-5 if they’re delicate, try experimenting with a stack of all one metal or one beaded texture. For those who have a single yet treasured minimalist bracelet, pair it with a watch to add some dimension to the look. Remember if you’ve got a lot happening in the ring department, keep it simple on the wrist.

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Choosing Your Talisman: Do You Love Evil Eye, Crystal or Wishbone Jewellery?

Evoking memories of yesteryear, an amulet and talisman wearer feels as if their chosen piece has been with them for eternity. Worn on bare skin, or adorned on your go-to piece of clothing, we’re lovers of talismanic necklaces and rings.

Talismans and amulets carry with them a powerful energy that connects with their wearer. There is nothing nonchalant about these deeply individual, symbolic pieces. Here are some of the pieces that resonate with us - lovers of all things beautiful we promise you need these pieces in your life!

Evil Eye Jewellery

The protective powers of evil eye jewellery are ancient, it’s believed to ward off ill-wishes and bad luck. But if you’re superstitious or not this is a trend you shouldn't let pass you by, a piece incorporating the eye motif should definitely be worked into your accessories collection.

So ward off those evil spirits and rock a brilliant evil eye jewel, as a ring, a necklace or a bracelet. The possibilities are endless.

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Crystal Jewellery

With a nod to spirited bohemia we can’t turn away from moody crystals. They might have a brilliant shine, a smokiness or coloured tones, capable of being incorporated into any look. We’re told crystals can also improve your mood and well-being.

Woven into your everyday style, they can be minimalistic when worn on their own or boast a sultry flair when layered with other delicate chains or stacking with rings of different hues. We also love seeing an array crystals worn at once - with this trend, less is definitely not more!

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Wishbone Jewellery

An understated wishbone jewel is thought to be able to make your wildest wishes come true while bringing fortune and luck. This delicate charm can be layered with other charm pieces or create a standout look on its own. Experiment with staggering the length of chains and wear multiple wishbone necklaces at once.

Be it crystals, eye motifs, or wishbone jewels, your chosen piece will help you create a statement that is uniquely yours.

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