Festival Jewellery: The new Boho

The mercury is rising and a festival fuelled season is around the corner. Sporting a more fun, casual style is on the agenda so abandon your current views on bohemian style, the new bohohas arrived and were here to dish what jewellery to tap to make you stand out at any musical gig.

 Keep your base simple

Old bohemian sensibilities called for fringed wears, flower crowns and feathered accessories but who wants to spend their time tripping over their maxi skirts? Choose simple tees (or crops if youre feeling daring) and pair them with your favourite denim shorts or jeans.

If youre in the mood to wear something more feminine, no need to reach for a kaftan, instead opt for a flowy dress, edged up with ankle boots.

 Stack it like Kylie


Kylie Jenner is the queen of stacked rings and when were looking for inspiration shes the first on our pinterest hit list. Were a fan of the new festival jewellery adage theres no such thing as too muchand Kylie isnt shy when it comes to flaunting all of her favourite jewellery all at once.

The beauty of owning lots of fine rings is that theres no way to make a mistake when mixing and matching them. Fine jewellery will also fit seamlessly into your everyday wardrobe so its not just for the festival circuit.

Layer up


    Its no secret we love to layer our necklaces (and these days, who doesnt?) and well take any excuse to pull together our favourite Wink pieces.

    Our tip is to start with a stand out piece, be it a coloured crystal or your choice of talisman (we are biased towards an evil eye) and then layer simpler necklaces of different lengths.

    Nail it

    Youve taken our advice and gone for simple, stylish silhouettes complemented by layered and stacked jewels, now its time to have some fun with your nails.


    Take inspiration from Gigi Hadid and be playful with some bold, eclectic nail art or choose something more understated but equally as festival appropriate with matte black polish.

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    Street Style Jewellery Inspiration

    With a new season upon us weve been losing some sleep thinking about how to update our wardrobes for the warmer months. Revamping your jewellery collection can be one of the easiest ways to give your outfits a refresh without maxing out your credit card. With that in mind we turned to our favourite runways, the streets, for fashion inspiration from seasoned style aficionados to guide us on choosing what new jewellery pieces to add to our collections.

    Pick a favourite piece

    Were privy to some layering at Wink headquarters but sometimes less really is more. A gorgeous solo necklace has the opportunity to play centre stage against a simple wardrobe, and the daintiness of finer jewels can add a sophistication thats both on trend and classic at the same time.

     Chunky and fine jewellery combined


    What girl doesnt have a chunky bracelet buried in her accessories stash (and if she doesnt were sure she has her eye on one at one of her much loved jewellery spots) and they pair perfectly with our finer bracelets. So let your individual personality shine by either layering your finer bracelets against your favourite chunky bangle or your go-to watch.

    Layered necklaces


    We might sound like broken records here but we cant go past a neck adorned with layered necklaces. Our favourite fashionista Leandra Medine (aka the Man Repeller) has layering down to an art form with this gold layered necklace combo. Why do we love it so much? The jewels are mostly the same length, matching metals, and sit against a woven grey knit - nothing short of perfection.


    Choose a muse

    Our blogging muse, Sincerely Jules, never gets casual wear wrong. Her jewellery choices are no exception and when were on the hunt for our daily dose of jewellery inspiration her street style shots are ones we never skip. Shes all about the mixing her dainty rings, bracelets and necklaces with fashion forward threads and we must confess we have a style crush!


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    How to Wear Rose Gold Jewellery

    Rose gold is a metal that flatters most skin tones and it’s definitely on trend right now. We’ve noticed it popping up on the runways and red carpets; there’s no doubt rose gold is in vogue and the jewellery tone of the moment.

    So, we’ve rounded up some of our tips and tricks on how to wear ever-popular rose gold jewellery.

    1.    Mix up your metals

    Shop WINK rose gold here: How to Wear Rose Gold

    Who says you can only wear gold or silver jewellery on its own? You don't have to be committed to one kind of metal.

    Mix your rose gold jewellery with silver and your other gold toned pieces. Have fun by stacking rose gold rings with silver and gold or layering rose gold necklaces with necklaces made of other metals. Rose gold is a great tone to help bridge the gap between your silver and gold pieces.

    When mixing rose gold with yellow gold mix rose gold rings and necklaces with golds of a darker hue. This will make sure that your rose gold pieces stand out and don’t get lost among the yellow golds.

    If you’re combining rose gold with silver jewellery make sure your rose gold is the piece to look at by mixing it with softer antique silvers.

    2.    Wear it with nudes

    There is no better match for your rose gold rings and necklaces than clothing and other accessories in all shades of nude.

    Think beiges, dusty pinks, and blushed hues to make the rosiness of your jewellery play centre stage. These muted tones combine perfectly with rose gold jewels and create a fashion-forward look.

    3.    Pair it with turquoise jewellery

    Rose gold looks especially vibrant paired with turquoise tones. Since rose gold is pink in colour, turquoise tones look a dream when matched with rose gold tones.

    So choose a beautiful turquoise crystal necklace to pair with rose gold earrings or rings, the earthy hues of turquoise crystals will offset the pink in the rose gold jewels perfectly.

    Shop all rose gold here.

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    Paired back Accessorising: How to Master Minimalism


    Whether she’s at the office or channeling a casual normcore vibe for coffee, there’s often that one refined friend who embodies Coco Chanel’s principle of paired back styling. We know that it can look so effortless but sometimes feel unattainable. There are two key factors –a neutral capsule wardrobe and thoughtfully chosen sets of dainty, timeless jewellery pieces in silver, gold and rose gold. Have a peek at how to wear a full body of jewellery with minimalist prowess below.

    In the Necklace Department

    A single, simple necklace is the foundation of a minimalist jewellery look. If you’re looking to avoid the bells and whistles of statement necklaces for day-to-day styling, go with a piece that is understated, timeless but perhaps a little different –like a wishbone! Bear in mind where it will sit on you and if this will mean it is a bare skin necklace for summer or ideal for layering over a textured knit in winter.

    Shop the Wishbone Necklace

    In the Earring Department

    We know what you’re –thinking, it’s not difficult to wear a single pair of earrings. The key is combining choice with pairing (for those with multiple piercings).  While petite, geometric shapes –particularly in matte shades, worn with simple diamond studs can achieve the minimalist look, more decorative, ‘feature’ or heavy studs usually won't.

    Shop the Cross Gold Cross Earrings

    In the Ring Department

    Dainty is the way to go to ensure minimal hand décor. To avoid verging on plain –try to mix textured bands with rings that have a simple shape feature like the mini triangle above. Wearing multiple metals can create a gorgeous effect if you’ve consciously collective pieces that pair nicely. Think quality and investment pieces when you look for rings –even if it’s just a simple silver band.

    Shop all rings

    In the Bracelet Department

    It’s also easy to get stack happy on the bracelet front for better or worse. If you’ve got a range of pieces –perhaps 3-5 if they’re delicate, try experimenting with a stack of all one metal or one beaded texture. For those who have a single yet treasured minimalist bracelet, pair it with a watch to add some dimension to the look. Remember if you’ve got a lot happening in the ring department, keep it simple on the wrist.

    Shop the Black Pearl Friendship Bracelet

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    How To: Ring Stacking 101

    We love a good ring stack, and a ‘stack-a-thon’ is the perfect way to breathe new life into your existing ring collection, as well as a great excuse to invest in a whole new set of basics! Here’s our take on how to keep ring stacking cute, light and casual - you'll be blowing away the Mani Cam in no time!

    Nail It

    If you’re about to adorn your hands with a gorgeous group of rings, don't forget your nails! Keeping them raw and natural will suit a bohemian aesthetic or switch things up with a polished ballerina pink for an office-apt ring stack. Layering up the rings for New Years Eve or a special occasion? Embrace something wild that will make your jewellery edit pop!

    Get Colourful

    Speaking of colour, there’s a world of options from metal hues to the shade of enamel, stone or crystal when it comes to pairing rings together. For an every day, casual look, go for either classic gold or silver, or a bit of both. If you’re a die-hard turquoise lover and have a solid collective of rings sporting this gem, why not feature the colour and see how they all look together!

    Mix Texture

    To ace the third dimension and avoid your ring edit looking ho-hum, go for rings with different embossed and molded textures, everything doesn't need to have a flat finish. As well as simple bands, embrace rings with a feature element whether it be floral, geometric –anything you like!

    Go Sideways

    If wearing a line-up of rings on multiple fingers just isn't working for your lifestyle, try wearing less, across more fingers. This will still create an effect while leaving you with a little more motion - and room to type. Opt for finer styles for easy wear.

    Pick Your Position

    There is a style-myth than only delicate rings are stackable, however we have up to 10 fingers to work with and this means there’s most certainly room for feature rings and more. Set off one or two of your favourite chunky, cocktail rings with finer complimentary knuckle rings (worn at the base of your finger) and ‘top finger’ rings, worn a little closer to your nail. It’s all about the ratio!

    Just Add Jewels

    Normcore is sweeping the style space, but we can't go past a fist full of sparkle! If you have a forgotten family heirloom or your eye on a new statement ring, experiment with how these look worn with other pieces. A clever use of colour can be beautiful and eye-catching!

    There’s not necessarily a right or wrong approach to the art of ring stacking –it’s all down to personal aesthetic and style sense. Treat it like an ongoing creative project; look out for new pieces, embrace old ones and experiment!

    Need to add to your stack collection? Shop all rings here.

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