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How to wear: Bar stud earrings

There are some trends we can’t pass by and bar stud earrings is one of them. Move over midi-rings there is a new pack leader in the accessories game. We’ve seen the bar trend in necklaces (if you haven’t already invested in a bar necklace, you should!) and bar stud earrings have a similar simplistic edge. To help you embrace bar stud earrings we’re sharing some of our tips on how to wear them.

1. Change up how they’re worn

The bar style can be worn up your ear or hanging down, don’t be afraid to try out how they look both vertically and horizontally. Bar studs are all about restraint, they’re modern chic without being elaborate so it doesn’t matter which way you choose to adorn your ears with this must-have piece, they’ll add some extra style to your outfit.

In the mood to go punk-rock chic? Sweep your hair to one side and wear only one earring, using the bar stud to add balance. This asymmetric look is a breath of fresh air.


2. Pair them with other earrings

While bar stud earrings make a stunning solo act they also share well with others. So why not get creative and mismatch one bar stud with a delicate square stud or be extra daring and match them with cross earrings.

If you have more than one hole in your ears these versatile beauties can be accompanied by some of your other favourite studs. When mixing and matching earrings we recommend choosing similar metals.

3. Rock them with any outfit

Bar stud earrings are made for the understated lady. A statement piece they’re not, and that’s their appeal. Due to their minimalistic and delicate look they can be styled with whatever outfit you’re wearing, for any occasion. So don’t be afraid of donning your bar stud earrings for a night out on the town, with office attire, or with your go-to blue denim and striped tee.

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  • earringsminimalistwhat to wear with

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