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How to Wear Rose Gold Jewellery

Rose gold is a metal that flatters most skin tones and it’s definitely on trend right now. We’ve noticed it popping up on the runways and red carpets; there’s no doubt rose gold is in vogue and the jewellery tone of the moment.

So, we’ve rounded up some of our tips and tricks on how to wear ever-popular rose gold jewellery.

1.    Mix up your metals

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Who says you can only wear gold or silver jewellery on its own? You don't have to be committed to one kind of metal.

Mix your rose gold jewellery with silver and your other gold toned pieces. Have fun by stacking rose gold rings with silver and gold or layering rose gold necklaces with necklaces made of other metals. Rose gold is a great tone to help bridge the gap between your silver and gold pieces.

When mixing rose gold with yellow gold mix rose gold rings and necklaces with golds of a darker hue. This will make sure that your rose gold pieces stand out and don’t get lost among the yellow golds.

If you’re combining rose gold with silver jewellery make sure your rose gold is the piece to look at by mixing it with softer antique silvers.

2.    Wear it with nudes

There is no better match for your rose gold rings and necklaces than clothing and other accessories in all shades of nude.

Think beiges, dusty pinks, and blushed hues to make the rosiness of your jewellery play centre stage. These muted tones combine perfectly with rose gold jewels and create a fashion-forward look.

3.    Pair it with turquoise jewellery

Rose gold looks especially vibrant paired with turquoise tones. Since rose gold is pink in colour, turquoise tones look a dream when matched with rose gold tones.

So choose a beautiful turquoise crystal necklace to pair with rose gold earrings or rings, the earthy hues of turquoise crystals will offset the pink in the rose gold jewels perfectly.

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