• 5 Crystals We Love + How to Wear Them
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5 Crystals We Love + How to Wear Them

It is no secret that crystals are treasured not just for their incredible colour and form, but also for their captivating energy and ancient healing abilities. However, for those who aren’t holistic therapists, knowing what stone to use when, and for what is a touch more cryptic. We’ve put together a breakdown of our favorite crystals to help you channel the energy these pretty stones can offer:

1. For when it's time to party | Rose Quartz for Love & Peace 

Spending time with the loved ones in your life? Rose quartz is the stone to wear. It is known to help open up and purify the heart –allowing us to reduce tension and stress and express sensitivity and compassion in relationships. It can also assist to enhance inner healing –enhancing self worth and confidence.

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2. For getting down to work | Turquoise for Awakening & Knowledge

Perhaps the oldest stone in (wo)man’s history –turquoise is known to aid chakra balancing. The work-environment benefits of this particular crystal include improving communication and self-realisation, enabling you to understand and share your ideas. Wear one around your neck for that big meeting! 

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3. For chilling out | Amethyst for Intuition & Spirituality

If you're a little stressed (and let's face it, who isn't...) wearing an amethyst pendant can help to bestow inner peace and stability –making it a wonderful stone for use during meditation or down time in the evening or on the weekend. The peaceful energy of Amethyst can also assist with calming the mind and encourage restful sleep.  

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4. For letting go | Black Onyx for Protection and Self Control

Black onyx is an essential crystal for busy bees; aspiring career women and entrepreneurs who are looking to restore and re-centre their spirits. Valuable for difficult times, it can be used to help ‘let go’ or repel negative energy surrounding other people’s opinions or ideas.

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5. For when your head is in the books | Blue Lapis for Awareness & Purification

The deep celestial blue lapis is known to resonate with truth, inner power and organisation. It is an effective crystal for spiritual connectivity, helping to activate the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. It is also believed to enhance the memories of its wearers, so if you need help remembering where you put your keys, this is the stone for you!

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Crystals are not only gorgeous, when you wear them right you can harness their energy by embracing a crystal pendant to suit your soul.

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