• Choosing Your Talisman: Do You Love Evil Eye, Crystal or Wishbone Jewellery?
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Choosing Your Talisman: Do You Love Evil Eye, Crystal or Wishbone Jewellery?

Evoking memories of yesteryear, an amulet and talisman wearer feels as if their chosen piece has been with them for eternity. Worn on bare skin, or adorned on your go-to piece of clothing, we’re lovers of talismanic necklaces and rings.

Talismans and amulets carry with them a powerful energy that connects with their wearer. There is nothing nonchalant about these deeply individual, symbolic pieces. Here are some of the pieces that resonate with us - lovers of all things beautiful we promise you need these pieces in your life!

Evil Eye Jewellery

The protective powers of evil eye jewellery are ancient, it’s believed to ward off ill-wishes and bad luck. But if you’re superstitious or not this is a trend you shouldn't let pass you by, a piece incorporating the eye motif should definitely be worked into your accessories collection.

So ward off those evil spirits and rock a brilliant evil eye jewel, as a ring, a necklace or a bracelet. The possibilities are endless.

Shop the White Evil Eye Necklace here.

Crystal Jewellery

With a nod to spirited bohemia we can’t turn away from moody crystals. They might have a brilliant shine, a smokiness or coloured tones, capable of being incorporated into any look. We’re told crystals can also improve your mood and well-being.

Woven into your everyday style, they can be minimalistic when worn on their own or boast a sultry flair when layered with other delicate chains or stacking with rings of different hues. We also love seeing an array crystals worn at once - with this trend, less is definitely not more!

Shop they Amethyst Tusk Pendant here.

Wishbone Jewellery

An understated wishbone jewel is thought to be able to make your wildest wishes come true while bringing fortune and luck. This delicate charm can be layered with other charm pieces or create a standout look on its own. Experiment with staggering the length of chains and wear multiple wishbone necklaces at once.

Be it crystals, eye motifs, or wishbone jewels, your chosen piece will help you create a statement that is uniquely yours.

Shop the Gold Wishbone Necklace here.

  • fashionhow to wear itwhat to wear with

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