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How To: Ring Stacking 101

We love a good ring stack, and a ‘stack-a-thon’ is the perfect way to breathe new life into your existing ring collection, as well as a great excuse to invest in a whole new set of basics! Here’s our take on how to keep ring stacking cute, light and casual - you'll be blowing away the Mani Cam in no time!

Nail It

If you’re about to adorn your hands with a gorgeous group of rings, don't forget your nails! Keeping them raw and natural will suit a bohemian aesthetic or switch things up with a polished ballerina pink for an office-apt ring stack. Layering up the rings for New Years Eve or a special occasion? Embrace something wild that will make your jewellery edit pop!

Get Colourful

Speaking of colour, there’s a world of options from metal hues to the shade of enamel, stone or crystal when it comes to pairing rings together. For an every day, casual look, go for either classic gold or silver, or a bit of both. If you’re a die-hard turquoise lover and have a solid collective of rings sporting this gem, why not feature the colour and see how they all look together!

Mix Texture

To ace the third dimension and avoid your ring edit looking ho-hum, go for rings with different embossed and molded textures, everything doesn't need to have a flat finish. As well as simple bands, embrace rings with a feature element whether it be floral, geometric –anything you like!

Go Sideways

If wearing a line-up of rings on multiple fingers just isn't working for your lifestyle, try wearing less, across more fingers. This will still create an effect while leaving you with a little more motion - and room to type. Opt for finer styles for easy wear.

Pick Your Position

There is a style-myth than only delicate rings are stackable, however we have up to 10 fingers to work with and this means there’s most certainly room for feature rings and more. Set off one or two of your favourite chunky, cocktail rings with finer complimentary knuckle rings (worn at the base of your finger) and ‘top finger’ rings, worn a little closer to your nail. It’s all about the ratio!

Just Add Jewels

Normcore is sweeping the style space, but we can't go past a fist full of sparkle! If you have a forgotten family heirloom or your eye on a new statement ring, experiment with how these look worn with other pieces. A clever use of colour can be beautiful and eye-catching!

There’s not necessarily a right or wrong approach to the art of ring stacking –it’s all down to personal aesthetic and style sense. Treat it like an ongoing creative project; look out for new pieces, embrace old ones and experiment!

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